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, rio visita, temperatures in the upper 20s. low 40s in san jose and mid-40s around the peninsula. we'll talk about other neighborhoods and how they'll be affected. also after the cold comes the rain, later in our forecast. >>> two people living in a placer county assisted living community are dead after eating soup made with foraged wild mushrooms. why it's usually a mistake to eat wild mushrooms. >> reporter: beautiful wild placer county land surrounds this care home. a care giver here picked mushrooms found growing on the property and used them to make a soup and fed it to residents. two are dead, and four others, including the care giver are sick. >> we have no comment. >> can you tell me what happened? >> no, this is private property. >> reporter: the poison control system have heard this often. we hear people going out picking wild mushrooms and wind up in the hospital very sick in intensive care with a failing liver. >> reporter: the only treatment says katherine mier is supportive care and a liver transplant if that can be gotten. >> if people are considering eating wild mushr
scrary. >> and it unfolded over several miles across san jose. the choice, the shoot-out and the search for a gunman still at large. >> it really has a lot of potholes. >> and that's just one of the possibilities. what happens now that your local government is taking mountains of information and making it public? >>> good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. we want to start with a quick update on the developing situation in the middle east. right now, there is a lull in the rocket fire between israel and benghazi and cease fire efforts appear to be gaining moment towm. despite that, israel is still preparing for a ground war. gaza says 12 people were killed there today. so far, 42 palestinians have been killed as well as three israeli civilians since the fighting began four days ago. now, they are trying to negotiate an end to the five- day conflict. >> for the sake of the president and the muslim brotherhood running egypt, they want to consolidate power and to get their economy running. they don't want a war to be starting on their doorstep at a time when they are not in f
through the airport san jose and oakland telling similar stories. and the busy day war on. >> so far, so good. empty. getting to my flights on time and leaving on time. >> despite 131 moving through it could have been worse. >> i went to san francisco, my brother went to sacramento and my sister to los angeles. >> everyone was kind and helpful. >> they were all in honolulu, right? >> yes. exactly. what is not to love about paradise. >> reporter: the challenge was all in her own family. >> they were a little antsy at the end but, you know, they are 11 months and 3. >> what do you do when they get antsy? >> i do a lot of walking. yes. so you walked from chicago today. >> yes. exactly. >> even on a good day ming across country tires a person out. >> i am -- flying across country tires a person out. >> i am happy but i am happy to go home. >> reporter: nothing but red tail lights through here and then cheered out and then starting to build up again. there is a chance to add more numbers to this record day. >> all right, thank you very much. >>> well, new at 11:00. gas scare sends 14 people
police say was murdered by two men on a crime spree in san jose. also today, we learn police have arrested the second person wanted in connection with that rampage. for a week, that person has been just this anonymous sketch. now he's a real living breathing suspect. but we can't tell you his name or show you his face. as anne makovec reports, the suspect is only 15 years old. >> reporter: 22-year-old rory park-pettiford, a former football player, and aspiring hip-hop artist, was remembered at a memorial service in campbell. >> he was a great kid, practical jocker. >> reporter: but many friends couldn't speak of him without breaking down, because they can't help but remember how he was killed, during a robbery attempt one week and one day ago. this is a surveillance photo of two robbers who police say tried to carjack park-pettiford in his car, then shot him when he tried to drive away. that's after a violent crime spree that started with four armed robberies within an hour on friday, november 16. this is how it ended for one suspect. 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks, captured after
flat. we topped off at 76 degrees. fairfield, low 70's. and san jose tonight. dipping down between 48 and 55. we will see some areas of patchy fog developing right around the seashore and into the north bay valleys. otherwise, sunny and warmer. and you can count on some record-high temperatures on both monday and tuesday, because we have this huge dome diverting that storm track into vancouver island. as this high pressure ridge strengthens, we will be experiencing unseasonably warm weather all the way through election day. it tells us that this is an offshore flow. we have the winds are the inland areas transporting that warmer air mass all the way out to sea, so the coast will be clear. this is our futurecast and look at the stratus build offshow. that's where it stays. there's 1:00. that's the kickoff time for your raider game and we've got nothing but wall-to-wall sunshine from the coast. it hangs off shore all the way until about tuesday night. we are talking about 73 degrees at kickoff and lots of sunshine. both teams with that 3-and-4 record. should be an absolutely stellar da
honoring vets. san jose, one of the many parades,th annual parade. -- 94th annual parade. considered one of the biggest. this morning before the parade headed down-market street. >>> in castro valley, veterans monument, years in the making was dedicated at memorial park. it honors service members from all of the military branches. >> new details on the scandal involves the resignation of the head of the cia. dianne feinstein, house of the the senate committee says the fbi did not tell the committee it was investigating him and his a fair with his biographer. >> this is something that could of had an effect on national security. i think we should have been told. there is a way to do it. that is to inform the chairs of both committees. >> a florida woman complained about threatening e-mails. kelly says she has been friends with the petr ark eus for years. tonight she is -- petraus for years. tonight she is doing for privacy. >>> now, democrats hold the senate. >> there is a buzz not up like 6th graders home alone on a friday night we are going to raise every tax and then burn down the hou
church in san skwroes a largely filipino -- san jose, a largely filipino congregation has four special guest. >> i want to give them hope because of what has happened in my own life. >> reporter: it is a story almost too good to be true. evoking tears from the audience. >> very scared. having my first baby. -- >> how old were you? >> i was 23 years old. >> that was 63 years ago in iowa. she was pregnant and had to give her baby boy up for adoption. she kept it a secret until a discussion about babies, earlier this year, made her confess to her daughter. somewhere out this was a son. >> she said mom, you want to see him? i said yeah, of course i want to see him. i waited all of this time. >> reporter: after an internet search they found him and sent him a certified letter telling him he wanted to meet them. he did not believe the letters at first. >> i read a few lines and she said i'm your mother. and i was overwhelmed. >> reporter: they started talking on the phone, sometimes for three to four hours, finally, she asked for pictures of ronald. >> i told mom, i can do one better, i'm
for santa rosa. sanfrancisco, should tie a record. oakland, tie, and san jose, close to the record, high of 84 degrees. high pressure, right about here. it is diverting the storm track to the north of the bay area. it continues to expand and warm up the upper atmosphere. drying out as well. off shore com component. what we are looking at are highs in the 70s at the beaches, tomorrow. 80s coming around the peninsula with the flow. then, jumping into the middle and low 80s. right around 86. east of the bay, up to 90. rio vista, 90 degrees. backing through danville and blackhawk. 79 in san francisco, wow. okay. 83 degrees in san rafael back through tara linda. now, looking at the off shore flow, not much of a wind tomorrow. forth west, 5-10 for the post part. we will have stagnant air quality. otherwise, here you have it. we reveal this five-day forecast. we will use wednesday as a transition day after election day where we cool down 12 degrees in the inland areas, still sunny. then, area of low pressure to the north of us will bring us a good chance of rain showers and cooler temperatures,
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8